Hartsop Dodd

Hartsop Dodd from Brotherswater

GR: NY41134 11848 Height: 618m 2028ft

Summary: Lying to the east of Brotherswater, Hartsop Dodd is a high ridge of land that extends in a north-west direction from Caudale Moor (Stony Cove Pike) in the Far Eastern region of the lake district. It towers above the small hamlet of Hartsop. Most walkers visit this fell as part of a route over the fells to the east of the Kirkstone Pass. In the Pictorial Guide (Hartsop Dodd 2) AW refers to the fell sometimes being called “Low” Hartsop Dodd but I have only found this being used on the Bartholomew maps of the day.
Hartsop Dodd summit
Topographical details: Hartsop Dodd is a mainly rounded grass covered fell with a delapidated wall running along most of the length of the summit ridge. Wainwright’s given height of 2018′ has now been remeasured to 2028′. At the highest point is a four foot wooden post against the wall. About 35m to the north-west is a medium sized cairn but this is lower by some margin.
Points of interest: Hartsop Dodd has little in the way of points of interest. There is however evidence of mining on the lower northern slopes of the fell.
Tarns: There are no tarns on the high ground of this fell. Under the western flank is Brotherswater, a fair stretch of water which is often mirror like in the right conditions and provides a great foreground to images of Hartsop Dodd and nearby fells.
Waterfalls: There are no waterfalls on this fell.
Adjoining fells: Caudale Moor (Stony Cove Pike) lies to the south-east and is reached via an ascending broad ridge.
Nearest facilities: Car parking can be found at the eastern end of Hartsop village. Food, drink and accomodation including camping can be obtained at Sykeside camping and the Brotherswater Inn.
Star rating: [usr 2.0] Hartsop Dodd has limited interest and views are restricted.
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