Heughscar Hill

Heughscar Hill

GR: NY48801 23164 Height: 1230′ 375m

 Summary: Heughscar Hill is one of Wainwright’s Outlying Fells of Lakeland and is featured in that book. It is a fairly flat topped fell and is positioned to the south-east of the village of Pooley Bridge at the northern end of Ullswater. There is nothing overly exciting about this fell and it is often bypassed by walkers as they head to the nearby Loadpot Hill to the south.

Topographical detail: Wainwright gave the fell a height of 1231′ as shown on his maps, today 1230′ 375m is the recognised height. Gr: NY48801 23164 summit marked by a small old cairn (see below) which is the Wainwright summit.

Heughscar Hill summit

Points of interest: From the summit there is a good view of Ullswater which is improved by walking 100m in the direction of the lake. As with much of the landscape in this proximity there has been extensive workings over the ages and in the area of the fell can be found a stone circle, tumuli and cairns. 

Adjoining fells: Loadpot Hill is the nearest fell, a couple of miles to the south-west.

Tarns: none

Waterfalls: none

Nearest facilities: Car park (free) on roadside near Roehead, limited space and be considerate. Parking also available in Askham and Pooley Bridge. Food and accomodation at Pooley Bridge and at Askham including: The Punchbowl Inn, Askham 

Star rating: [usr 1] A low rating for this fell as ascents from any direction are straightforward. Views are limited as are the Points of Interest.

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