365- On Hold

Apologies for the lack of updates or information on The Lakeland 365 website. For those that don’t know me you may wonder if I have given up on the idea- far from it. Behind the scenes I am busy working away not only on all the information and details to complete this major work but on plans of how to present it. Recently I have been working on a series of watercolour paintings which are connected to this project such as this one of Hay Stacks from Peggy’s Bridge.

Hay Stacks from Peggy's Bridge

I have a plan of how this whole idea will come together and be presented but as it is at the very early stages I am reluctant to show my cards at this time, I have been caught out before where other individuals and groups have tried to copy my ideas, but not this time.

Striding Edge Helvellyn

Until I have progressed more with the sketches, the format and information I am keeping the whole thing close to my chest. But rest assured The Lakeland 365 will be worth waiting for. In some ways it is bigger than The Wainwrights in Colour project but this idea will not take so long to see through to completion. It will provide information and details of Wainwright’s Lakeland Fells which has never been published before. I am excited to be working on this information and content to follow on from the success of The Wainwrights in Colour.

However, there will be a slight delay in the progress. Currently I am working on a small exhibition here in Teesdale which will be held in the month of July, after that I am putting a display of work together for the Countryfile Live event at Castle Howard in August. In the meantime I also have a couple of talks to give around the country.

Therefore I have decided to put The Lakeland 365 on hold for a couple of months to get these other events done and dusted. Once they are done it will be full steam ahead for The Lakeland 365.

Watch this space.


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